Collages and layouts in Animoto Marketing videos


Use collages to showcase several images at once. Here’s how:

  1. Click ADD A BLOCK
  2. Select "COLLAGE"
  3. Click "SEE MORE" to access the edit menu
  4. Click the “Change layout” icon to select your preferred collage layout
  5. Drag and drop photos into the layout and drag and drop to resize and position them within the tool


If you’re using the Blank Slate video style, you can use a split screen to showcase videos or photos alongside text.

  1. Click "SEE MORE"
  2. Click the “Change layout” icon
  3. Select either "CROP LEFT" or "CROP RIGHT"
  4. Click the < arrow on the far left of the edit menu
  5. Click the “Change text” icon
  6. Choose "TITLE" or "TITLE + SUBTITLE"
  7. Enter the text you’d like

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