Text customization for Animoto Marketing videos

With our Animoto Marketing video builder, it’s easy to customize your text. Watch this video to see some of the things you can do.

Control text size, font, and color

To customize the font and color of your text, click the paintbrush icon on the left side of the storyboard editor and use the global font and color controls to adjust the text for your entire video. You can also customize the text color of just a single block by clicking "SEE MORE", clicking on the text box, and selecting the color you’d like. If you’re using the Bold video style, you can change the color of your text as well as the color of the background of the text box.

To resize your text, simply use the slider to the right of the color controls to make the text larger or smaller.

Text positioning

To position your text, simply grab the text within the block and drag and drop to move it to the position you’d like.

Adding text over media

You can easily add text directly on top of your photos and video clips:

  1. Click "SEE MORE" on a photo or video block
  2. Click the “Change text” icon
  3. Choose "TITLE" or "TITLE + SUBTITLE"
  4. Enter the text you’d like

Split screen

If you’re using the Blank Slate video style, you can use a split screen to showcase videos or photos alongside text. Follow these steps:

  1. Click "SEE MORE"
  2. Click the “Change layout” icon
  3. Select either "CROP LEFT" or "CROP RIGHT"
  4. Click the < arrow on the far left of the edit menu
  5. Click the “Change text” icon
  6. Choose "TITLE" or "TITLE + SUBTITLE"
  7. Enter the text you’d like

Special characters and foreign languages

Animoto Marketing does not currently support special characters or foreign language characters such as Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, etc. We are looking into the possibility of adding this feature in the future. What you can do is take a screenshot of the character, or your title, and upload it as an image into your video.




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